Monday, November 9, 2009

Guess who is here now?

Yup! It's Flat Skeezix! We are going to both take care of Sarge now. I am happy to have some help around this house I can tell you. That old woman is making me do all the work! She just eats cake and laughs at stuff all the time and has fun and I have to do hard hard work. Flat Skeezix says she isn't that bad though. I think she likes us pretty good because she gives us really good treats. Sometimes I can just look a little bit sad and she'll pet on me and give me treats, she's so dumb easy! I think I like it here pretty good. If you want to visit us drop on by!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

So here is what happened...

So okay here is what happened yesterday with Chuck. We went to pick him up and then we went to this place to eat lunch. They had fish and chick-hen and ham which I liked. Then we left there and went to the WalMart to buy some treats for me and Sarge. It was pretty fun riding in the cart with Chuck pushing me. But guess what? That Sarge forgot the camera. So you have to imagine how cute I looked in the cart at the WalMart riding around with my furs blowing in the breeze. The end.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday goings on at my howse!

Today boyz and girlz I am going to go see the grate Chuck! We are taking him to lunch and then he is helping us shop for tasty treats at the WalMart. I like to go to da Walmart because they have all kinds of grate things there and I can get in a bit of troubble if I want to but don't tell anyone I sed that, okay? It'll just be owr secret!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dis guy forgets stuff...

Well duhr. So we go to the infusion center and we are all ready to go. The nurses are all lined up kyoot as anything. Then guess whut happened? Da battery in his camera is deaded! He forgot to charge it all up. So I seys to him now what? And he seys to me well flat jeter, no photos today. Duhr... The end.

Thursday at the Cancer Center...

Today I will be spending the day at the Cancer Center. You know I don't know why they call it the Cancer Center when it's where you go to get rid of cancer, not to get cancer. Sometimes humans can be so silly. Anyway I have to go to take care of Sarge and make him not afraid. He is strong when I am around. And they also have this big tank full of delicious beautiful fishies to eat all up watch swim around.

They also have treats which I will be reporting on later. Plus Dr. Green is there and you know I love him.

So come back soon and we'll see what happens today!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my stuff...

Today I have to go with Sarge for his chemo. I have a few nurses there that I like pretty good. The only thing is they have something called needles that scare the krap out of me! But I am very brave so I will not faint this time. I do intend to get some good treats though. They have tuna in the refrigerator but it is something called "their lunch". If I faint they will give it to me though. I learned this the last time. I will make Sarge take photos of me to show you what I do there. Thanks for visiting my new blog. I hope you come back soon!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Beginning

Some cats begin their lives in a parking lot.
Some cats are raised by breeders.
Some cats meet their humans in a shelter.
Some cats wander into a back yard and stay and stay and never leave.
This is my story.
I was created several months ago and brought to Florida, also known as "The Funshine State."
The idea was to leave me with two very special people.
Here I am with my "creator." (By creator I mean ... she pasted me on a piece of foamcore and cut me out with an x-acto knife!) We are in the yard of these two people ...

... let's call them "Gram and Sollie." Their house was my first stop in "The Funshine State."
It was a brief visit, though, because I soon met the two people who would become MY people.
Here they are.
His name is Charlie, but some people call him "Sarge."
Her name is Bee, but some people call her "Auntie Bee."
They are just about the nicest people I've ever met.
In fact, THEY'RE TITS!
So this is where my adventure begins ... in Florida (The Funshine State) with Charlie and Bee.
It has been a whirlwind so far.
Hold on to your hats readers. You're about to hear quite a story!