Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday goings on at my howse!

Today boyz and girlz I am going to go see the grate Chuck! We are taking him to lunch and then he is helping us shop for tasty treats at the WalMart. I like to go to da Walmart because they have all kinds of grate things there and I can get in a bit of troubble if I want to but don't tell anyone I sed that, okay? It'll just be owr secret!


  1. wow ... flat jeter haz all da fun ... he even getz to meet chuck.
    me? i'm jus foolin arown in da grate owtdoorz.

  2. We did have fun with chuck today, and flat jeter has a new friend. We went to lunch and chuck and i opted for sausage biscuit and gravy with home fries, oh well, we are cut from the same mold.