Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday at the Cancer Center...

Today I will be spending the day at the Cancer Center. You know I don't know why they call it the Cancer Center when it's where you go to get rid of cancer, not to get cancer. Sometimes humans can be so silly. Anyway I have to go to take care of Sarge and make him not afraid. He is strong when I am around. And they also have this big tank full of delicious beautiful fishies to eat all up watch swim around.

They also have treats which I will be reporting on later. Plus Dr. Green is there and you know I love him.

So come back soon and we'll see what happens today!


  1. i know wut happenz today ... an i don't like it flat jeter.
    i think abowt sarge reel hard on deez dayz.
    thankz fer bein wid him today ... an evreeday.
    jeter harris (hiz reelself)

  2. I would love to be with jeter harris (his reelself) but FJ is in the funshine state. YANKEES WON, YANKEES WON. Just so you know I was rooting for the yankees even though I am a Baltimore fan.

  3. FJ, you're a lucky flat cat to have Sarge and Bee catering to your every whim. I'm delighted to see you finally got your own blog!

  4. You just take care of Sarge Flat Jeter. We are all depending on you.

    Have a purrfect day. :)

  5. Flat Jeter -

    You should be given a medal for enduring the terror of the needles that surround you while supporting Sarge Charlie in his time of need.

    Bless you my flat cat

    JustJon (who is definitely not flat)

  6. Can't the doctor do something so that you are not so flat? Not that flat isn't beautiful or anything.......